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Mr. Sudheendra M S

About Client

Mr. Sudheendra M S is an individual from Bangalore whose Dell's external hard drive failed.


To recover the lost personal and official data anyhow.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery –Bangalore for recovering data from Dell's external hard drive.


Mr. Sudheendra M S successfully recovered his personal and official data from damaged Dell external drive.

Stellar Data Recovery restore data from dell external hard drive

Mr. Sudheendra M S, who is our client, is an individual from Bangalore that is the capital city of Karnataka – one of India’s southern state. The city is home to a number of IT companies and can thus be termed as one of the centers of the country’s high-tech industry. Besides, it houses several royal residences that include Bangalore Palace of the 19th century and the 18th century’s Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.


Our client, Mr. Sudheendra M S used Dell’s external hard drive (Model No.: ICES – 003NMB003) and the storage capacity of which was 1TB. According to him, he was not able to access his hard drive that was running Windows OS and strongly protected it with BitLocker encryption. Thus, he tried to decrypt the drive and identify the cause behind inaccessibility. However, he was unable to do so as he failed to decrypt the drive. Consequently, he was neither able access his memorable and precious personal photographs nor the official data that he had saved on it.


Mr. Sudheendra M S realized that without seeking professional help, he would not be able to access his valuable data from the dell external hard drive, be it personal or official. Thus, he browsed through the Internet and found that he could get his work done by the neighbouring data recovery Service Center, Stellar Data Recovery-Bangalore.

He then made a phone call to Stellar’s Bangalore branch and enquired about the recovery process that they followed to recover data from an inaccessible drive. After getting the details that were required for hard drive recovery, he sent his hard drive to Stellar Data Recovery Service Center as was suggested by the executive who had the telephonic conversation with the client.

The next step was a primary analysis of the drive on completion of which it was assured by the professionals that recovery was possible without anomalies. After that, Mr. Sudheendra M S gave his consent for recovery of his personal and official data.


Firstly, the professionals at Stellar Data Recovery-Bangalore created an image of the encrypted external drive and then tried to decrypt it with the BitLocker password. However, there was an error message, and the drive could not be accessed. Then, our professionals consulted the technical experts, and the case was handed over to them. On analysis, they found that as the drive was partial encrypted, it could not be accessed.

The drive was encrypted partially, and to this, the experts first checked the area from where the encryption was enabled and then removed only that area of encryption manually. Finally, they extracted the data from the drive and saved it to another similar external drive. This was further communicated to Mr. Sudheendra M S who on hearing about the successful recovery got elated.

Mr. Sudheendra M S was quite happy to recover the complete data that he confirmed by analyzing the directory listings. Further, he asked us to hand over the data to him, and it was done. Extremely satisfied, he gave positive feedback on the web. In this way, a seamless recovery from hard drive was performed by Stellar Data Recovery-Bangalore.


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