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Data Recovery Services


Stellar strives to evolve continuously by adopting the latest technologies in data recovery field. It has the required expertise and resources in place to keep up with the stringent data recovery demands of customers. The data recovery team at Stellar aims at delivering world-class solutions that offer highest success rate in the industry.


Stellar is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company having years of valuable experience in recovering data from all media types, such as Desktop/Laptop hard drives, USB devices, Zip diskettes, CDs, DVDs, floppies, and memory sticks.


Stellar uses best-in-class techniques coupled with its extensive research, to seek out new and efficient ways of recovering your lost business data.


data recovery

Data Recovery

Stellar specializes in dealing with all kinds of hard drive failures (mechanical/electrical/firmware failure, physical damage from natural disasters, and seizure of spindle motor). The data recovery engineers here have in-depth knowledge of internal architecture of the hard drive and other removable media devices to ensure maximum recovery in any case of data loss.


raid data recovery

RAID Data Recovery

Stellar technicians have years of hands-on experience in recovering data stripped across multiple drives in all types of RAID arrays. They understand the working of each level of RAID implementation and follow a professional approach to accomplish RAID recovery in all instances of RAID failures, including RAID controller failure, RAID array failure, Raid rebuild failure, and hardware failure.


Server recovery

Server Recovery

Stellar has a streamlined procedure to perform server data recovery, which includes free consultation, media analysis, and data recovery. Stellar has a proven track record of performing risk-free recovery for all types of servers, including file servers, application servers, domain controllers, and web servers.


NAS/SAN recovery

NAS/SAN Recovery

Stellar provides quality services to ensure complete recovery of data from various enterprise storage boxes, such as NAS and SAN. Stellar has state-of-the-art infrastructure to efficiently handle each data loss situation in NAS or SAN, including multiple drive failure, data corruption due to virus attack, and controller failure in a RAID array.


Database recovery

Database Recovery

With indigenous tools and time-tested recovery techniques, Stellar has the ability to recover all types of files (MS Office, Email, and Backup) and your inaccessible data from all mission-critical databases. Stellar provides database recovery services for any database server platform, including MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS SharePoint, MS Access, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, and more.


photo recovery

Photo Recovery

Stellar offers photo recovery services for the widest range of digital photo, audio, and video formats. It also recovers RAW camera file formats for all popular digital camera brands. Stellar can help you bring back the lost memories of your lifetime through its efficient in-house research and development team and huge repository of ingenious data recovery tools.


tape driverecovery

Tape Drive Recovery

The professionals at Stellar have successfully dealt with all cases of tape drive failure, including corrupt tape headers, physical damage from fire or water, stretched or snapped media, and overwriting of headers. Stellar provides guaranteed tape recovery services, even if your tape media is infected with fungus or its surface is seriously contaminated or damaged.

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