Stellar Disk Sanitization Services


Stellar Disk Sanitization Services are CERTIFIED solution to erase/ sanitize your confidential data from hard disk, tapes and floppies. Stellar provides 100% secure professional data wiping and degaussing services for complete data erasure for hard disk reuse or at the end of hard disk life cycle.


Disk Sanitization services help you to avoid mishap of data leakage due to unsafe media recycling, computer donations, and amateur data erasure practices. Formatting or deleting data prior to disk disposal does not mean that the data is erased permanently; data from hard disk can be easily recovered and reused.


Data Compromise may result in loss of business, financial losses, loss of reputation and imprisonment. Laws and Compliance for Protection of data:


Most of the legal compliance and regulations are widely applicable with long term retention of data; the same regulations also specify a section on "protection of data for privacy" and requirements for the sanitization of data. There are legislations protecting investors, consumers and the environment that specify clearly how organizations should dispose of IT equipments that has outlived its usefulness.


" Stellar offers CERTIFIED services for safe & secure data wiping "


Stellar Disk Sanitization Services adhere to following Compliances:


With over 18 years of experience in recovering of lost data from inaccessible storage media we have developed special practice that guarantees destruction of every bit of data from hard disk and other storage media



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