Data Recovery Cost: How much does it cost to recover data?

Our world revolves around data, be it preparing presentations, reports, preserving memorable moments (to share on Instagram), binge-watching sitcoms on the go, etc. And the introduction of high capacity storage devices has further influenced our dependence on our valuable information. Pen drives, memory cards, hard drives, SSDs, all have changed the dimensions of how we used to carry our digital data with us. However, losing your irreplaceable files just because your hard drive crashed or you accidentally spilt water on it are *SOME of the worst case scenarios that can make your data inaccessible.

*Accidentally deleting your data, formatting the hard drive, dropping your mobile phone, water/fire damage to storage media device, or natural calamity that can strike your hardware are some other probable reasons of data loss.

This is not the end of the road only if you’re prepared enough to minimise the damage and efficiently bring back all your data. That said, professional data recovery service is something people have no clue about until they need it. Moreover, as a preconceived notion, the vast majority of people consider data recovery as a costly affair without even going into the nitty-gritty of the niche industry.

The Cost Factor

The first question that pops up in your mind before data recovery is ‘’How much does data recovery cost?” Although it is difficult for users to gauge the pricing and most of them, first, inquire about the cost. Further, with many players in the niche industry, users either end up choosing the wrong partner or are often overcharged.

Price comes as the primary and sometimes the only factor that users consider before opting for a data recovery service provider. However, there are other factors to consider before handing damaged/affected media device.

Parameters That Determine Data Recovery Cost:

Certain yet necessary parameters define data recovery cost like:

  • Problem Type – There are three types of problem that significantly determine the price of data recovery. They are as follows:
    • Logical problem: Files are corrupt, booting issues with storage media, virus intrusion, ransomware attack, improper file system structure, etc. are some of the logical cases where the complexity is not that high, and sometimes, it can be resolved with some workarounds.
    • Physical problem: water damaged, fire damaged, damaged platter, magnetic read/write heads issue, detecting the issue, drives affected by electrical spikes, or natural disasters fall into physical failures. In such cases, data recovery is an intricate task and requires expertise and controlled environment (like Class 100 Clean Room Labs) to prevent further risk.
    • Logical cum Physical problem: A combination of logical and physical failures that involves high-level complexity.
  • Level of Data Recovery Technology: For successful data recovery, data recovery specialists should keep their fingers on the pulse of latest technological advancements to deliver maximum profitable results. For instance, storage technology (SSD, RAID) has drastically transformed and is continually changing; hence, data recovery service providers need to keep themselves abreast of the technological changes.
  • Experienced Data Recovery Specialists: More the technological advancement, more new issues will resurface; therefore, data recovery specialists should have in-depth domain knowledge and research skills to counter complex problems. Besides, a team should be well versed to integrate complex database after a server crash.
  • The Diversity of Service Provider: One size fits all approach doesn’t suit here as different storage devices require specific data recovery services; therefore, it calls for diversity in services, sometimes, out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Data Privacy Measures: How secure is your data through the data recovery process? Do you ever wonder? You approach a local data recovery vendor for recovering your personal information, and they misuse it with malicious intent. On the other hand, a reliable data recovery service provider ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. A professional data recovery provider will adhere to security protocols to maintain the integrity of user data. Data theft is a significant security threat that we are facing, and a data recovery provider should provide this necessary security to its customers.
  • Spare Parts For Replacement (Donor Parts): There are cases when customers with old hard drives with broken parts request for data recovery; therefore, to cater to their request the service providers have stock of spare parts for replacing faulty parts.


Your chance of successful data recovery depends on choosing trustworthy data recovery service provider that presents a valid quote with no hidden charges. However, customers often select the ‘X’ service provider just because it ‘promises’ to deliver results with their low-priced services. However, there are other factors than cost which constitute integrity of data recovery. Before opting for a service provider, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your data safe?
  • What about the confidentiality and integrity of your data?
  • Is it technologically sound?
  • Is it well equipped to handle sensitive and complex recovery cases?

Once you resolve all your queries, you can proceed with the desired service provider.

Considering these parameters, not every data recovery service provider is reliable and capable of delivering result-oriented outcomes. And the data recovery cost is in proportion to the factors mentioned above.  Also, proper sanitisation, security audits, trained staff, and better and efficient data recovery services come with a price tag; after all, they can help you get back up-and-running readily.

Also, a reliable data recovery service vendor provides:

Proper Sanitisation
Secure audits
Trained staff to resolve complex task
Proprietary tools
Recovery of all types of data from all storage devices
Standard protocols for handling devices, processes and data security

A better and efficient data recovery services come with a price tag; after all, they can help you get your data back.

One should consider the above-mentioned factors before opting for a professional data recovery service provider.

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