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How to recover data from 1TB WD Hard Drive ?

As data grows in size, the storage capacity of storage media drives has also increased. Gone are the days when the hard disk drives used to be 1 GB, 7 GB or 50 GB. We have hard drives with the staggering capacity of 60 TB. Increase in capacity means more data is stored on these drives.

We often receive enquiries from customers to recover data from their 1TB WD hard drive, since the volume of data is huge, customers are often in panic.  We received a query to recover data from a physically damaged 1TB WD hard drive.

Customer Query: For 1TB WD Hard Drive

“Hi Sir, yesterday I dropped my external 1TB WD hard drive on the floor. It was connected to my PC through USB extension cord, and I was transferring my important project files. The cord was long, so its wire was lying on the floor. Unfortunately, I tripped over the wire which pulled the hard drive from the table to the ground. Now I am not able to access the hard drive. It contains my important video projects and other crucial data which I am not able to access. I can hear a crackling sound when I connect it to PC. Is there any software or any other way with which I can get access to my drive? Or is there a way to repair it? Please help me in my 1TB WD hard drive recovery?”

Solution: Recovery Services for 1TB WD Hard Drive

You should immediately stop using the hard drive if it’s making a clicking noise. This indicates that the hard drive Read/Write head came in contact with platter and drive has failed. Hard drives are fragile device and should be handled carefully. The mechanical hard drive contains moving parts (platter, actuator arm, read-write head etc.) which are very sensitive to drops. Sometimes, even a mild shock can damage a hard drive.

We advised the customer to visit any of our data recovery centres in India and submit the hard drive, or we will pick up the drive. The customer diligently submitted the 1TB Western Digital hard drive, and our team did the initial assessment.

Since it was clear from the beginning that the hard drive had suffered physical damage, we still wanted to verify the actual cause of data loss and its extent.  This 1TB WD hard drive has broken head and to recover data we had to operate it a Class 100 clean room lab for 100% data recovery. Stellar got the customers’ data back from the damaged 1TB WD hard drive.

Data loss in Hard Drives

At 27%, human errors are the second most common reason for hard drive failure and data loss. Besides physical damage, viral infection, corrupted files, accidental formatting of the hard drive are some other common reasons which can cause hard drive corruption and data loss from an external or internal hard disk.

Also, a hard drive develops bad sectors over a period. These bad sectors severely affect a hard drive performance and lead to data loss. If you’ve also come across a similar situation, continue reading this article to know what you should do next to ensure your WD hard drive recovery and recovery of the data from any other physically damaged or failed hard drive.

Let’s start with some myths related to data recovery which are fairly popular on the Internet and ‘YouTube’. Most popular among all; ‘if the hard drive fails, freeze it’ or ‘open and repair it using a screwdriver’. You should never do any such thing with your hard drive. If you do, you are going to cause more trouble than repair. Hard drives can be physically damaged or logically damaged. In both situations, you can’t access your hard drive data, and your hard drive needs immediate expert’s attention. You should be more cautious while using a free data recovery tool. These free tools promise quick and easy data recovery, but most of them are filled with malware. Therefore, using a free data recovery tool exposes your data to theft or even worse. They can alter the data stored on hard drive and make data recovery far more challenging and difficult.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data from a logically damaged or corrupt hard drive can be recovered using a professional DIY data recovery tool like the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This software can recover data from logically corrupt or formatted hard drive and deleted HDD partitions. However, even a professional data recovery tool can’t recover data from a physically damaged hard drive. If you find that connecting the hard drive to a different system isn’t helping in data recovery, then you need professional help from a data recovery expert.

On the other hand, physically damaged hard drive require more attention and controlled environment for data recovery process. Opening hard disk in a ‘Class 100 Clean Room Lab’ is an absolute necessity as hard disk components, especially platter & Read/Write head, are more sensitive to extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust particles. Even if a single dust particle comes between the platter and Read/Write head, it’s going to cause a lot more damage to the platter (that contains your data) and will evade chances of your data recovery.

How to Proceed In Case Of Data Loss from the hard drive?

First, don’t try anything insane with failed or damaged hard drive unless you are willing to risk permanent data loss. You should understand that you can’t do everything, especially data recovery from a physically damaged or failed hard drive. Leave this job to a data recovery expert. You do have an option to download and run a professional data recovery software, but as mentioned earlier, software can’t repair or recover data from a physically damaged hard disk drive. So, getting in touch with an expert data recovery solution provider equipped with a certified Class 100 Clean Room lab is indispensable. Opting the award-winning Stellar Data Recovery Service can help you in recovering data from hard drive.

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5 Star Rating Icon 5 /5 July 31, 2017

Thanks to stellar. I am very happy to say to take my all data recovery from hard drive within less time.

Anand Prasad

5 Star Rating Icon 4 /5 May 26, 2017

They do a good job always. I have never got the hard drive back without recovery. Mr Narasimha is always available to support. We use to call him anytime and he picks up the drive for recovery without any problem. Get excellent support from the entire team.
Once again thanks to the team for good support. Recommend other for data recovery from crashed hard drive.

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