SSD Data Recovery

Solid-State Drive (SSD) is similar to hard drive and are now used as the primary drive. Solid State Drives are more efficient in terms of power consumption, memory management, are faster and enhances the overall performance of the system. SSDs store data using flash memory unlike hard drives which store data on magnetic platters. Moreover, SSDs are more secure than other storage media. However, Solid State Drives are susceptible to get damaged and may turn the data stored in it inaccessible.

But, with Stellar, your data is never lost!

Stellar Data Recovery has developed and optimized the best SSD data recovery techniques, while much of our industry was dedicated to disk rescue.

Probable Causes of data loss on SSD

  • water damage
  • virus attack
  • Fault in the circuit / overvoltage
  • Damage to parts of the flash memory
  • Damaged controller chip
  • Damaged Encryption File

The SSD is a relatively new technology. Therefore, the data recovery from an SSD hard drive is considered impossible by many data recovery companies. With Stellar’s data recovery, adapting to new technologies is a continuous process thanks to company-internal research and development. Stellar can provide you with a recovery of your data of up to 100% in case of an SSD data loss.

Thanks to years of research and development in the field of innovative data rescue services, Stellar has the necessary know-how, experienced data recovery experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that can effectively save your data from SSDs regardless of manufacturer, brand or model.

Stellar supports SSD data recovery for the following brands:

  • SanDisk
  • Samsung
  • G. SKILL
  • patriot
  • Corsair
  • Intel
  • OCZ
  • Kingston
  • And many others
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